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Inventive Resources, Inc. provides a broad range of services including: engineering, drafting, invention development, and patents.

Invention Development
Any idea can be turned into a working product. We have the knowledge and ability to take an invention from concept to finished product. Click here to see a portfolio of some of our recent projects.

Museum Exhibits
Fun interactive displays are our specialty. Most of our displays use motion, sound, light and water effects. We can build a display to your specifications, or you can click here to see our exhibit portfolio.

Trade Show booths
Impressive displays will draw your customers. We make static and animated displays, as well as show graphics. Our displays are lightweight and disassemble for easy transportation. Click here to see some of our trade show booths.

We offer a full line of environmental products from stormwater filtering and flood control to hydraulic system protectors.

Below are links to other products offered by Inventive Resources, Inc.

Site for the Water Decontaminator, a catch basin insert filter for treating stormwater runoff.

A Manhole odor control device. This activated carbon filter system also includes a bladder to buffer the fluctuating pressures in the manhole. Only the peak pressure gasses escape the bladder and are treaded before leaving the manhole.

A new processing method to turn waste biomass into a clean burning fuel.

Seal 'N' Dry
The Seal 'N' Dry is a hydraulic system filter. Seal 'N' Dry creates a closed vent variable volume system with an internal drying filter.

A lightweight, disposable face shield that attaches directly to your glasses. Used by the dental and medical industry to protect from body fluid spatter and sprays.

The original oral appliance to stop snoring.

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